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Congratulations to Betty Kimball, who won the May drawing for the free e-learning from RBCS. Want to win? Just register and attend the next free webinar.


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Party Like It's 1999

"Testing requires a tight focus." The first sentence in the first chapter of my first book, Managing the Testing Process, First Edition, published 20 years ago this month. #softwaretesting #testmanagement

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Fully Leveraging Agile Test Automation

Archimedes once wrote, “Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.” In Agile, the place to stand is testing, and the lever is test automation. Are you using all the leverage that lever gives you? Most organizations are missing some tricks, and not getting the full value of test automation. In this recorded webinar, I will survey all the different ways you can—and should—take advantage of test automation as an Agile tester. The best news: Many of these forms of automation involve tools that won’t cost you a dime! Spend some time learning about some high-ROI, proven best practices to reduce failure costs and increase quality.
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First Latin American TMMi Professional Training in Spanish

RBCS is pleased to announce that this month we will run the first #TMMi Professional training course in Latin America in Spanish. The course will be a collaborative effort between RBCS, Business Innovations, and Experimentus, for RBCS client Grupo Tecnis in Mexico City. Tecnis is conducting this training as part of their commitment to achieve TMMi Level 3 this year, and we're proud to be part of that journey.

RBCS se complace en anunciar que este mes realizaremos el primer curso de capacitación #TMMi Professional en Latinoamérica en español. El curso será un esfuerzo de colaboración entre RBCS, Business Innovations y Experimentus, para el cliente de RBCS Grupo Tecnis en la Ciudad de México. Tecnis está llevando a cabo esta capacitación como parte de su compromiso para lograr TMMi Level 3 este año, y estamos orgullosos de ser parte de ese viaje.


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Shift Down, Podcast Style

Did you miss the most recent webinar on how to not just shift lift, but also shift down, using root cause analysis? Well, catch up by listening to the recorded webinar on your own schedule, via podcast. Click here.

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Get Free Information and Win Free E-learning

Congratulations to Rachel Johnstone, winner of this month's free e-learning drawing. Wanna win? Enter by registering and attending next month's free webinar. Click here to register.

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The Down Part of “Shift Left and Down"

Shifting defect discovery to earlier activities (shift left) reduces rework and improves quality deliveries to customers. A lot of attention is paid to this part of “Shift Left and Down”, but how do we do the shift down? Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is the answer. A variety of techniques can be used with varying formalities, cost, and results; ranging from informal, 5-why, Ishikawa/fishbone to Cause-Effect. Which technique is the right one to use, and when should it be applied? Is your organization ready for RCA? What do you do with the results? In this recorded webinar, Rex Black discusses these questions and others with Ed Weller, who draws on 20 years of experience using RCA and onsite training across a wide range of businesses.

#softwaretesting #rootcauseanalysis #defectmanagement #softwarequality

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What's It Like to Work with Rex Black on a Test Assessment?

We'll let one of our clients, a QA Director at a large gaming company, explain:

Rex Black helped our team see our gaps in development and quality assurance and created a plan that allowed us to go from delivering results, to delivering high quality results. He navigates through ambiguity to clarify strategy; sorts through ideas to refine key goals, and sets a course to close quality gaps with clear and achievable milestones. He is a humble, personable, and adaptable partner and he can take your organization from good to great!"  

Contact us today to find out how we can help you go from good to great, too.

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Building your Selenium Test Automation Career

Spend less than two minutes with this video interview to learn how RBCS A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation training can help build your Selenium test automation career, whether you're just getting started or already have a few years of experience.
#softwaretesting #selenium #testautomation

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Don't Just Shift Left; Shift Down

You've heard about shift left, but what about shift down? If you're looking to accelerate your delivery of quality software, shift down is critical. Join us Thursday for a free webinar on how to accomplish it. Click here to register.

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