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Are you in Europe? Ready for ISTQB Expert Test Manager? Well, June is your month. See you in Budapest. Register here.

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Enterprise Challenges of Test Data Management

If you are testing a simple mobile app, you may find it relatively easy to find representative test data. However, what if you are testing enterprise scale applications?

In the enterprise data center, one hundred or more applications of various sizes, complexity, and criticality co-exist, operating on various data repositories, in some cases shared data repositories. In some cases, disparate data repositories hold related data, and the ability to test integration across applications that access these data sets is critical. 

In this webinar I'll talk about the challenges facing our clients as they deal with these testing problems. You’ll go away with a better understanding of the nature of the challenges, as well as ideas on how to handle them, grounded in lessons I've learned in over 30 years of software engineering and testing. Need more help with test data management? Contact us.

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RBCS and Experimentus Announce Their New Partnership to Deliver Testing Maturity Model Integration (TMMi) Assessments in the United States and Canada

RBCS and Experimentus announce their new partnership to deliver Testing Maturity Model Integration (TMMi) assessments in the United States and Canada. TMMi is the only open-source, non-proprietary test process assessment method that includes a maturity scale aligned with CMMi.

These properties make TMMi assessments and process improvement plans an ideal fit for organizations that are already leveraging CMMi or its general concepts to improve their software processes, and for organizations that want to benchmark their test process maturity in a way that is easily comparable to other organizations.

Since 1994, RBCS has provided consulting and expert services to clients, including test process assessments. Experimentus has the leading TMMi test process assessment tools in the world, with extensive experience delivering TMMi assessments to clients globally.  This partnership leverages each company's strengths to expand the reach of TMMi assessments in North America.

Rex Black, RBCS President, said, "The addition of TMMi assessments to our consulting line-up will be very beneficial for our clients who see the value in an objective maturity measurement of their testing processes. TMMi assessments will nicely complement our existing Critical Testing Processes (CTP) assessments, in that CTP assessments focus on quantifying test process effectiveness and efficiency while TMMi assessments address test process maturity more broadly. RBCS are excited to have partnered with the leading organization in the TMMi assessment space, Experimentus. In addition to their strong toolset and skills to support TMMi assessments, we think the decades-long relationships between key players in our company and Experimentus will lead to immediate productivity. We are looking forward to working with clients on TMMi assessments, and would encourage people to book their assessments ASAP to avoid delays."

Experimentus are the world leader for TMMi assessments and training provider. They offer supporting products with services such as iTM (Intelligent Test Method) and Testing ORB (Optimized Results for Business) which enhance the testing process as well as optimizing it. Process improvement is also an area of expertise for Experimentus supporting organisations with digital transformation projects and tackling complex areas such as Test Environment Management Provisioning.
"Over many years, we've developed a unique approach to providing our partners and clients with the expertise and knowledge they need to grow successfully. We are delighted to work closely with RBCS, who have an excellent track record in Software Testing, working with many of the companies in the Fortune 500", said Martin Adcock, Founder and CEO of Experimentus. "We've seen a growth of interest in TMMi in both North and South America over the last two years, and working with RBCS will now expand the reach of TMMi throughout America".

Listen to Rex's video on the partnership here

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How Does Your Testing Measure Up?

Since 1994, RBCS has provided consulting and expert services to clients, including test process assessments. In the 2000s, we introduced our Critical Testing Processes (CTP) assessment model, focused on improving testing business value and overall effectiveness and efficiency. Now in 2017, RBCS and Experimentus have joined forces to deliver Testing Maturity Model Integration (TMMi) assessments in the United States and Canada, extending RBCS's assessment repetoire to include the only open-source, non-proprietary test process assessment method that includes a maturity scale aligned with CMMi. Learn more in this video and the accompanying press release

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Test Better; Deliver Higher Quality; Build Player Loyalty

As I've mentioned here before, RBCS is serious about helping gaming companies improve their testing. We have been helping gaming companies and game testing companies improve their testing for almost two decades. Game software is about the same size as the movie industry, which makes it one of the most important sectors of the US economy.

Why does testing matter? Simple. When you test better, you deliver a higher quality gaming experience to your players. When your players have a better gaming experience, they come back.

If you're building or testing gaming software, and you want to test better, deliver higher quality, and thus build player loyalty, contact us. Not only can we help you improve your testing processes through consulting and expert services, we can also help you improve your testing skills with our complete line of ASTQB accredited training courses. Not only is RBCS serious about game testing, so is the ASTQB, as you can see on their dedicated game testing web page. So, let us know today how we can help you.

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Coming to Europe, June 2017

Yes, I am coming to Europe in June. Check out some of the details in this video. You can meet me at one of the following events:

I hope to see you there! If you want to arrange a private training or consulting session while I'm there, contact us today.

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Collaborative Exercises: What Make RBCS Live Courses Special

If you've never attended a live RBCS training course before, here's a sample of what you're missing. This week, we ran our ASTQB Agile Tester Foundation course. In this course, as with all RBCS live courses, in addition to detailed explanations of the topics and lively discussion, we have lots of collaborative exercises. That means working as a team, just like in a real Agile project, to solve testing challenges.

This week, we started by selecting a user story from the release backlog, grooming it to get the size right, and defining testable acceptance criteria:

Next, we did some iteration planning to identify some of the issues with testing this user story:

Then, we did a quality risk analysis for a few of the acceptance criteria associated with the user story:

We also covered assigning story points to a user story, including using the results of the risk analysis to inform the estimation process:

Now, with iteration planning complete, it's time to design tests for the user story. We used equivalence partitioning to address issues with valid and invalid payments:

Finally, we created specific tests cases for some of the test designs, using the results of our risk analysis to decide how to prune the potential set of tests:

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The Most Dangerous Kind

An obviously stupid bad idea.

The most dangerous kind of bad idea is the one that sounds reasonable. Bad ideas that sound stupid stand little chance of implementation, but bad ideas that sound reasonable often carry the day, with disastrous results. If you are having trouble dealing with bad ideas about software testing and quality, or having trouble making sure that you aren't coming up with bad ideas about software testing and quality, contact us. We can help keep you, your test team, and your whole organization out of the crocodile pool.

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Ten Worst Things in Software Testing

Are you exposing yourself, your testers, and your organization to toxic testing practices? Stop!

Lots of people give top 10 lists, but only the very brave will give a bottom 10 list! Let’s face it though: Smart people sometimes do dumb things. Smart testers and test managers are no exception. In this RBCS classic webinar (part 1 and part 2), I discuss things I've done and things I've seen other smart test professionals do that, upon close reflection, turn out to be big mistakes. Remember, any fool can learn from his own mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. If you need help avoiding (or undoing) testing mistakes, contact us for help.

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Look Familiar?

If you're sick of going around and around in circles on your software testing or quality improvement projects, let us know. We can help. Since 1994, we've been helping clients large and small around the world improve their testing and the quality of the applications, software, and systems.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you. No project or budget is too large or too small.

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