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Releasing Software without a Blindfold On 12/21/2009

Length: 0h 1m 55s
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The next installment in a special yearlong series on risk based testing that shares Rex Black’s insights based on over 15 years of using, improving, and teaching risk based testing.

Quality in the Data Center 12/16/2009

Length: 0h 3m 34s
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In this short, five minute executive podcast, designed for senior managers and executives who need to understand testing, RBCS President Rex Black describes how the quality assurance process works and why it matters.

What is Risk 12/15/2009

Length: 0h 2m 19s
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The first installment in a special yearlong series on risk based testing that will share Rex Black's insights based on over 15 years of using, improving, and teaching risk based testing.

Ten Worst Things for Testing 12/14/2009

Length: 1h 29m 44s
Download (15.4 MB)


Lots of people give top 10 lists, but only the very brave will give a bottom 10 list! Let's face it though: Smart people sometimes do dumb things. Smart testers and test managers are no exception. In this talk, Rex Black will discuss things he's done and things he's seen other smart test professionals do that, upon close reflection, turn out to be big mistakes. That way, you can go back to work the next day and not do them.

Testing on Outsourced Projects - Podcast 11/30/2009

Length: 1h 30m 4s
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More and more test professionals work on projects where some or all of the development or testing is done by third-parties, often overseas. While cost savings make such arrangements attractive to executives, individual contributors and managers on such projects face some significant challenges. What does outsourcing mean for testers? In this Webinar, Rex Black offers insights from two decades of involvement in outsource projects – both successful and not-so-successful. Rex will illustrate his points with case studies and share humorous and scary anecdotes along the way.

Software testing challenges with Agile 11/16/2009

Length: 1h 30m 21s
Download (15.5 MB)


Is your company going Agile? What does that mean for testing? What should you expect? Are you curious? Are you excited? A number of companies have adopted Agile methodologies, for various reasons ranging from speed of delivery, flexibility in rapidly changing situations, or just plain trendiness. Every software development lifecycle model, sequential or spiral, incremental or Agile, has testing implications. Some of these implications ease the testing process. Some of these testing implications challenge testing. In this Webinar, Rex Black discusses the key Agile testing challenges, so that you can recognize and resolve these challenges if your company adopts an Agile approach.

RBCS Company Profile - Podcast 10/26/2009

Length: 0h 7m 35s
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In this podcast, Rex Black, President of RBCS, gives you an overview of our services, our clients, and our team.

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