TDD Perspectives: Learn One that Even Caught the CIA's Eye

Considering test-driven development? There's certainly a lot of hype out there, but what's the reality? In the webinar here, I explain what I'm actually seeing with clients. I also introduce a contrarian view from James Coplien.

Ready for the full contrarian view? Read Cope's article here. Yep, this is the one that attracted huge social media attention when we first published it, and even made it into the CIA archives (and from there into Wikileaks). Want more? Ready Cope's second installment here.

Before you jump into TDD, get the unvarnished low-down. If you want help looking at your whole bug filter funnel, from TDD to system testing and beyond, contact us.

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Avoid Dangerous Metrics Mistakes

Take a look at the photo below. How is item A like item B?

That's right, both the pistol and the metric are dangerous when misused, and you can hurt yourself or others with them. But they are also both useful tools when applied by skilled professionals. You can get some hints on stupid metrics tricks to avoid in my keynote from PNSQC 2016.

Don't shoot yourself in the foot with bad metrics. Contact us for help. Whether a one-day off-site metrics evaluation, a one-week on-site metrics development engagement, or hands-on help building a sophisticated test and quality dashboard, we can help you.

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Metrics Made Simple

Four keys to successful test metrics:

  1. Who are the quality and testing stakeholders?
  2. What do they need from testing?
  3. How can you measure whether you’re doing that?
  4. What constitutes success for each of those metrics?

If you can use these keys, you can unlock successful metrics. If you need more help to institute a successful testing and/or quality metrics program, contact us.

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Write the Right Requirements and User Stories, and Write 'em Right!

We've long offered training for business analysts, product owners, and testers who need to write or collaborate on requirements and users stories. Now that training is IQBBA accredited, a first in the United States. Better yet, high-quality ASTQB exams are available! Listen to this quick video from Rex Black to learn a bit more, then contact us for more details, or to schedule a live on-site class, purchase e-learning, or sign up for a virtual class or virtual bootcamp.

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Risk Based Test Triage

Do you ever find yourself with more tests to run than you have time to run them? Of course you do, that's a universal tester conundrum. Risk based testing can help you deal with that, in a transparent way. Check out how in this short video.

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Mobile Software Gets Around--and So Do Its Bugs

Are you testing mobile apps? If not, you probably will be soon. As measured in terms of hourly interaction, mobile app usage has overtaken PC usage, and is on an exponential growth path. Get ready for mobile testing by becoming an ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester. We can help you prepare. Contact us today. Watch Rex explain how.

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Explore the Benefits of Risk Based Testing

Do you feel like relying entirely on user stories, use cases, and requirements for your testing is causing you to miss too many important scenarios and bugs? Need a smarter way to help you pick what to test, how much, and in what order? Three words: Risk based testing. Check out what it is and how it can help you in these two videos, part 1 and part 2.  You're welcome. :-)

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Software Quality: Poorly Measured, and Poor

What gets measured gets managed. Quality is poorly-measured for software projects, processes, and products. Maybe that's why software quality is bad? Don't think software quality is bad? Yep, defect levels for software are orders of magnitude worse than for any of the other manufactured or engineered items we use in our daily life. Learn more about why software quality still sucks here.

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Risk-based Testing and Test Design

How does using a risk-based testing strategy influence test design? Check out this quick video to see. Do you need help getting risk-based testing off the ground at your organization. Contact us for e-learning, live training, or even a one-week on-site engagement to bootstrap risk-based testing for your team.

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Stop Getting Hammered

Using a hammer to put screws in a wall? That's stupid, right? However, people make mistakes that are even more consequential than this when they select test tools. Learn how to avoid these mistakes with this ASTQB podcast. If you need help figuring out the right testing tools for your organization, we can help. Contact us today.

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