You Too Can Win

Congratulations to Jeffrey Mumford, who for the second time in a row won the free e-learning drawing from our webinar on Pairwise Testing Using ACTS. Remember, only attendees win. You too can win. Register here for next month's free webinar.

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Know, Measure, Succeed

A key to successful testing is knowing who the quality and testing stakeholders are, what they need you to do, how you can measure whether you're doing that, and what constitutes success for each metric. If you need help putting a testing or quality metrics program in place, contact us for help.

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The Next Step in Pairwise Testing: Avoiding Myths

Did you catch our webinar last week on Pairwise Testing with ACTS? If not, it's posted on the RBCS YouTube Channel here.

Having listened to that, you might wonder how far you can take this technique, and how you can avoid making some of the mistakes people make with it. Well, we've got you covered here, too. Take a listen to this recorded webinar on the myths of pairwise testing.

Need more help applying this technique to your testing? Contact us for targeted training or consulting on the proper use of pairwise testing.

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Pairwise Testing with ACTS: Available Now

How to solve this problem? Simple and free! If you missed it, check out the recorded pairwise testing with ACTS webinar from yesterday. Learn how to solve thorny combinatorial testing problems in just 30 minutes, then download the free ACTS tool from NIST.

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Lights, Camera, Interaction: Quality Risks and Project Risks

Quality risks and project risk are different things, but they can interact.  See how in this classic RBCS YouTube video. Not an RBCS YouTube channel subscriber? You should be. Sign up today for more great stuff like this, free.

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Combinatorial Testing, Simplified

Can you solve this combinatorial testing problem without thousands of tests? Learn how on Thursday, free. Invest 20 minutes in our webinar; save hours and hours of wasted testing effort. Register here.

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Get Certified as a Security Tester

Well, after long hours of hard work over the last couple weeks, we have a first draft of our ISTQB Advanced Security Tester course. Next step: internal reviews with licensees. We expect to run the first live and virtual courses in March. Stay tuned!

If you're considering training for the Advanced Security Tester exam from the ASTQB or any other national board, we encourage you to hold out for this class. Hands-on, lifelike exercises with a realistic sample project and IT security policy, along with over 120 sample exam questions to help you prepare for the exam. Contact us today to discuss your security tester training needs.

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Are Old Bugs Making Your Software Process Slow?

How long does it take, from discovery to resolution, to handle a bug? Is the trend up or down over the course of your projects? If it takes too long to fix bugs, not only are you accumulating technical debt, but you're also imposing an invisible (albeit measurable) drag on your overall software process. Working with clients around the world, we've found millions of dollars in annual inefficiency associated with slow bug fixing.

Get a grip on how long your bugs live, and how those cranky old bugs affect your software process. Use this free downloadable spreadsheet to calculate closure period and other key bug metrics.

Need more help getting your bug management process under control? Contact us. On-site or off-site, consulting or training, we can help improve your bug management process.

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Releasing Software Without a Blindfold On

Are you releasing software with a blindfold on? If you're not doing risk-based testing, you may very well be doing so. Check out this video classic from the RBCS YouTube library to hear why. If you need help taking off your software release blindfold, contact us for more information on how to start doing risk-based testing right.

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Planning to Improve Testing in 2017? RBCS Can Help

Since 1994, RBCS has helped organization improve their testing and quality practices, delivering benefits such reduced risk of user-impacting system failures, increased confidence in the software they sell or use, saved money by avoiding expensive and embarrassing bugs, and expanded insights into their products, projects, and processes.

Whether you need a little help or a lot of help, we stand ready to help you and your organization improve testing in 2017. A few hours of remote consulting? Yes. A few weeks or months of on-site, hands-on help? Yes. Training your people to do better testing? Yes.

Check out this video about the added flexibility of our assessment services. The blog post mentioned in the video can be found here. We look forward to helping your improve in 2017!

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